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Ridge Soaring in Grand Junction, CO


Spring 2019: Concluded

Fall 2019: Concluded


The clinic takes place between multiple sites outside the city of Grand Junction. The Western Slope offers several unique ridge soaring sites with consistent winds and the opportunity to soar for extended periods. These desolate, isolated and ever-expansive ridge tops are exactly where people were meant to fly free. 

About the Flying Sites

Otto's Ridge

A morning site beloved by the pilot community for its simplicity and purity. We have the option to car camp right on launch and wake up ready to fly. The ridge extends several miles from north to south and offers a reliable soaring window as the drainage out of the Rockies peaks during the late morning. Soaring at Otto’s is slightly more technical than a typical ridge soaring site. Pilots quickly learn to adapt to a narrower lift band and soar as efficently as possible. The top-landing options are unlimited as the mesa extends for a mile back behind the ridge. 

Reeder's Mesa

A dynamic site south of Grand Junction, known to serve up epic glass-offs and consistent evening soaring. When the conditions are right, it becomes nearly impossible to not get up. The lift band is impressively wide and altitude gains of several thousand feet over launch are possible. Pilots are able to sharpen their top-landing skills and gain tons of airtime. 

Student Fees

*$350 or $100/day

*This clinic is free to all Red Tail Paragliding students and alumni. 


Students are encouraged to car camp at the Otto’s Ridge site for free. There are no faciliites. The town of Fruita, CO is a 30 minute drive and offers all the necessities plus several accomodation options. Directions, recommended supplies, and a full briefing of the program are provided upon signing up for the clinic.


Students need to bring their own paragliding kit. This includes: Paraglider, harness, reserve, helmet and radio. 

Schedule Lessons

Lessons take place at our training hill in North Boulder every morning, Monday – Sunday.



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