Ozone Z-Alps



  • Based on the legendary Zeno
  • Developed for Red Bull X-Alps competitors
  • 4.3kg in the MS size
  • Contains Enzo 3 technology

Created specifically for pilots competing in the RedBull X-Alps, the Z-ALPS represents the cutting edge of Ozone Paraglider R&D. Based on the ZENO, this highly advanced design offers open class performance in a serial class wing. This is a highly technical design that is meant only for the most experienced alpine pilots – those engaging in the toughest vol-biv races or adventure flying.


The Z-ALPS shares most features and design parameters with the ZENO. The key differences are in the materials used and the manner in which they are constructed. Ozone’s R&D Team drew from 15 years of lightweight paraglider experience to cut the weight of the Z-ALPS down 650g from the ZENO in the MS size. This reduction in weight translates to a crisper and more agile feel in the sail, improved launch and handling characteristics, and of course reduced pack volume. The Z-Alps is load tested to the same EN standard as all of our wings.

  • 4.3kg in the MS size
  • New profile from Enzo 3 research program
  • New arc yielding improved handling and collapse behavior
  • Excellent handling throughout the weight range
  • Lowest ever line drag (12% less than Enzo 2 M)
  • New top surface shaping calculation
  • Optimized wing twist in accelerated flight reduces induced drag
  • Profile optimized for stability in accelerated flight
  • Speed and glide performance comparable to some open class wings
  • 78 cells, optimized for performance / weight
  • 2 line risers with 15cm speed limiter
  • Highly effective B riser control in active air


The Z-ALPS is a 2-line design that, while fitting between the Mantra and Enzo series, flies comfortably in either category. Its behavior and in-flight comfort rivals that of the Mantra series, yet its performance is incredibly similar to open class wings. Pilots who are comfortable with the M6 or other wings in its class and are looking to learn the technicalities of flying a 2-line system will find the Z-ALPS to provide the highest level of vol-biv flying.


The Z-ALPS is not a de-tuned comp wing, or an Enzo that was forced into an EN D box. It is its own design that has evolved in parallel with the Enzo 3 research program. It contains new technology that has improved not only glide and speed, but also behavior. The Z-ALPS is surprisingly comfortable in real XC conditions. The OZONE R&D team put countless hours into developing its compact and cohesive structure.


The Z-ALPS performs well throughout the weight range and comfort / handling are exceptional not only at the upper end of each size. The extended range of the Z-ALPS allows room for vol-biv pilots range to add and remove weight during their adventure – as food and supplies dwindle, take-off weight changes. It is not necessary to fly the Z-ALPS at the top of the weight range – the performance and handling are excellent throughout the range.


Number of cells78787878
Projected area (m2)16.617.81920.4
Flat Area (m^2)19.62122.524.1
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)11.61212.512.9
Projected Aspect Ratio5.
Flat Aspect Ratio6.
Root Chord (m)
Glider Weight* (kg)*4.174.36*
In-flight Weight Range (kg)*75-9085-10095-110


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