Phi Maestro X-Alps


Designer’s Note

If you want to use as less cloth as possible, you have to use it very efficient!
We were reducing the internal construction of the MAESTRO X-alps extremely without influencing the flying performance or flying behavior. So the ultralight X-alps version matches its heavier brother in all flying parameters. It has just a lot less weight. This is the wing for all sort of hike and fly competitions or your personal X-alps adventure!

Hannes Papesh


The MAESTRO X-alps is impressively demonstrating the possibilities of modern wing design in combination with new ultralight materials.


The risers are made from stable and robust TECHNORA. Choose from:

  • Semilight R04: riser with C handle transitions; or
  • Superlight R03: riser with split A (red covers) and C handle transition.

Weight difference approx. 145g.


number of cells60 / 12060 / 12060 / 12060 / 12060 / 12060 / 12060 / 120
projected spanm8,338,648,789,229,449,6510,07
projected area17,3118,4219,2121,2122,2223,2125,27
projected aspect ratio4,014,064,014,014,014,014,01
flat spanm10,6310,9311,211,7712,0512,3112,85
flat area20,3321,4922,5624,9126,127,2729,68
flat aspect ratio5,565,565,565,565,565,565,56
line lengthm6,326,746,666,997,167,327,63
total line lengthm210,1221221,4232,5237,9243,2253,8
maximum chordm2,382,452,512,642,72,762,88
minimum chordm0,540,550,560,590,610,620,65
standard weight rangekg50-7570-8065-8575-9583-10390-110105-130
extended weight rangekg80-8585-9095-100103-108110-115130-135
certified weight rangekg70-8565-9075-10083-10890-115105-135
certification (EN/LTF)BBBBBBB
materialPorcher Skytex 27 double coated
risersRZ3(3), R03 (3+1), R04 (3+1)
riser lengthmm500540540540540540540



With each standard colour, the bottom sail (except the colour design) is kept white, with the exception of the Red-White, which is red on both the top and bottom sail.

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