Woody Valley X-Alps GTO


The X-Alps GTO’s principal characteristics are light weight, safety, and comfort, giving the pilot unparalleled flying pleasure. At the same time, pilots can rest assured that they are flying with a product that is wholly certified in accordance with the LTF procedure.

The geometry of the X-Alps GTO structure and its active flying characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of pilots. Woody Valley has succeeded in keeping this harness very light, without compromising strength. Additionally, the X-Alps GTO is fitted with the innovative anti-forget DRC system – which means the pilot cannot close the front of the harness without having gripped the chest strap fastening point.

With its X-Alps GTO harness, the Woody Valley Team is certain that they are providing a product superbly finished right down to the smallest details, complete with LTF certification. This harness will accompany you in many great and SAFE flights!


Features include:

  • 12 cm foam protection
  • Emergency parachute container built-in under the seat
  • Close-fitting carbon seat for a better pilot fit and optimum comfort
  • Shoulder and chest-strap adjustments can be performed in flight
  • Self-inflating rear section for better aerodynamics
  • Pockets accessible during flight
  • Equipped for hydration pack
  • Receptacle for ballast
  • Removable instrument panel
  • GET-UP system with the innovative DRC anti-forget system

Certification: LTF with GET-UP System



Weight*4.965 kg
CertificationLTF with GET-UP system
Protection12 cm foam protection
Principal materialsLycra, Polyamide, karabiners Camp-Para, buckles Camp
Seat plateCarbon
Distance between karabiner and seat44.5 cm47 cm49.5 cm
Seat plate rear/front width23.5/21 cm25/22.5 cm26.5/23.7 cm
Seat plate depth36.8 cm39 cm41.5 cm

*total weight of size L, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners and protection.


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