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Become a pilot for the day and experience the magic of free flight. Our introductory courses offer the chance for you to see what the sport is all about without making the commitment to a full certification course. This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in learning how to paraglide but aren’t exactly sure what they’re getting themselves into (spoiler: an insane amount of fun). Most people walk away from their first flight realizing that paragliding is much more mellow than they anticipated. This is what we want you to recognize for yourself, along with the fact that you don’t have to be a raging adrenaline junkie to fly a paraglider. 

Even if you don’t plan to take the full certification course, this is a bucketlist experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Come as you are, anyone with a great attitude and a sense of adventure is capable of flying a paraglider.


One-Day Paragliding Lesson

With the one day course you will have the opportunity to strap into and play around with one of the most inspiring aircraft on the planet. We start the day with a full introduction to the paraglider, how it works and what it takes to get it flying. We quickly get you geared up and ready to practice some ‘simulated launches’ to get the launching sequence nailed down. You will be amazed by how quickly you progress after just a few practice runs. 

As soon as we’ve nailed down the simulated launches, your instructor will evaluate the weather and decide if the current conditions are conducive to a safe first flight. While a solo flight is the goal for the day, it is not guaranteed as mother nature can be unpredictable. For a guaranteed solo flight, check out the two-day lesson below. 

With appropriate weather conditions, we will get you a two minute flight from the top of the training hill. Your instructor will provide radio support the whole way down. When your feet touch the ground you’ll be blown away by how mellow the flight was and you’ll be itching for more!


Two-Day Paragliding Lesson

The two-day lesson is a foundational course that further develops the basic skills needed to launch and fly a paraglider. Day one is identical to the one-day lesson described above, while day two is treated as a flying day with the goal of getting you as much experience in the air as possible. This is a great opportunity to experience the beauty of flight and get to know your instructor before pursuing a P2 certification. The two training days are meant to be consecutive as the skills learned on day one are essential for a successful second day of flying.


All introductory courses take place at our training hill at the Wonderland Lake site in Boulder. For any student wishing to continue their training, the fees for the introductory courses can be applied to the cost of the P2 Pilot Certification Program.

Schedule Lessons

Lessons take place at our training hill in North Boulder every morning, Monday – Sunday.



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