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P1 Test   
Students are encouraged to begin working on the P1 & P2 tests as soon as they feel ready. Both tests are open book and instructors are available to answer any questions about the tests. Some of the questions are written in a confusing manner, for that reason we run test review sessions throughout the season to help answer questions.
We recommend downloading digital copies of the tests and recording your answers on that. Instructors will assign online versions of the tests for students to complete when ready. The tests are meant to be a helpful learning tool for solidifying a student’s understanding of basic concepts.

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Coming Soon!

General Resources Page

This page is useful for a wider ranger of topics, some of which go beyond the scope of the P2 Certification Course. 

Ground School Materials

All page number references refer to “Paragliding The Beginner’s Guide” (PG TBG) unless otherwise noted. Please do the reading BEFORE watching the videos and other resources.


Please read:

  1. Angle of Attack (AoA) pages 126
  2. Lift and Drag pages 119 – 125
  3. Angle of Incidence page 127

Instability & Emergencies and prepared readings Please read:

  1. Pages 186 -193
  2. Turbulence pages 188 – 191
  3. Asymetric Collapse page 230
  4. Frontal Collapse page 233
  5. Big Ears page 219
  6. Spiral Dives pages 104, 220
  7. Spins page234
  8. Parachutal Stall pages134, 228
  9. Full Stall: pages 97, 131, 133, 236

Learn the right way to throw your Reserve

Rules of the Air: FAR Part 103

Textbook Pages: 248 – 252

Right of Way: Take a quiz

Speed to Fly & Polar Curves

Please Read: Polar Curves page 134

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