New Student Application

Please select which lesson package you would like to apply for. This application only needs to be filled out once. Those applying for the Three Flight Intro Package don't need to fill out the form again for the P2 Certification Course.
Where are you coming from to take lessons?
Please be as accurate as possible. Proper sizing for paragliding equipment is an important safety concern.
Please list the names of anyone else signing up with you. They need to submit their own application as well.
Have you dabbled in paragliding in the past? Have you ever flown any other aircraft?
Paragliding, along with all other forms of aviation, requires situational awareness and good decision making in the face of danger. Have you succeeded in other adventure activities of a similar nature?
Paragliding requires good physical fitness and mental focus. The ability to run, balance and bend proficiently is critical. Mental clarity and good judgement is equally important. Students have to hike up a moderate slope for up to 45 mins with a 35 lb backpack for each flight.
Are there any specific aspects of paragliding that you're most interested in?
Please select a date between April 1st - September 30th
Students are expected to sign up for at least two AM sessions and two PM sessions per week. The more the better!
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