P2 Certification

Learn to Paraglide in Boulder, Colorado

The Wonderland Lake flying site in Boulder offers the best training hill along the Front Range. Here you can earn your wings through our USHPA-certified pilot training program. Together we’ll take you from a total beginner to a confident and competent P2-rated pilot capable of flying on your own in a safe and sustainable manner. We offer the most current and effective instruction available, with your safety as our top priority. The goal is to develop pilots, not churn them out. 


Flying Season

We offer paragliding lessons in Boulder from April to September. As soon as conditions become flyable we’re out there! Once you’ve signed up for lessons, you’ve got one whole year from your start date to complete your training. We highly recommend that you make an effort to complete the training quickly to build a solid foundation for the rest of your flying career. When you take long breaks between lessons you don’t give yourself the chance to progress appropriately. If you’re able to dedicate two days per week to training it typically takes a couple of months to get certified. If you have plenty of time and motivation you will complete the training much sooner.


All paragliding lessons take place at our training hill at Foothills Park in North Boulder (503 Locust Ave.). All lessons take place in the morning, this is when conditions are most appropriate for student training. Lessons continue until early afternoon when conditions normally become too strong for students to fly.  

We’re lucky to have a gently-sloping, grassy training hill as well as a huge grassy landing zone to train students. From your very first flights on, you’ll have incredible views overlooking the City of Boulder and out across the plains. A minimum of 35 flights are required to complete your training, along with several other demonstrated skills that we describe in detail for you at the beginning of your training. 

Check out what your first flight off the training hill in Boulder will look like.


All student gear is provided for in the initial stages of training. We’re proud to offer well-maintained, modern training gear with the best performance and safety in the industry. All of our training gear is certified for beginner pilots with an emphasis on passive safety.  

Students are encouraged to purchase and start using their own gear as soon as they’ve become comfortable on our school equipment. This normally takes 5-8 training flights. Buying gear is an important investment and choosing the right equipment cannot be overlooked. We’ll help you find a paragliding kit suitable to your needs that will keep you soaring for years to come. 

We offer new paragliding gear from the most trusted brands and manufacturers in the industry. Seriously, we’re selling the equipment that the best pilots in the world are flying with. We also offer quality used gear options to fit your budget. Students may bring their own gear purchased elsewhere as long as it’s in good condition and appropriately sized and certified for the given pilot.


Students that are able to support our continuous effort to provide the highest-quality instruction in Colorado with the purchase of our complete gear package are offered a $800 discount on their tuition fees. A complete gear package includes: Paraglider, harness, reserve parachute, radio, concertina bag and vario. All of these items are critical components of a complete paragliding kit. The gear package must be purchased anytime before the student’s 10th flight.


With Discount


Without Discount

These prices reflect the whole cost of the program, including training equipment, 3rd party liability insurance and your instructor’s blood, sweat, but hopefully no tears. No other fees apply. Payments are non-refundable and students have one year from their initial training date to complete the program.

Financial Flexibility

For those interested in learning to paraglide without the immediate financial means to cover the cost of training and gear, we’d love to help you out. We offer interest-free payment plans for lessons and equipment. We’ll break up the total cost of lessons and gear into monthly payments that can last up to 10 months or less depending on your needs.  

Alumni Benefits

Anyone that completes the full P2 program with us is considered a part of the team for life. They can go on to fulfill the requirements for P3 and P4 ratings and receive the sign-offs free of charge. 

Alumni also receive lifelong mentorship. We’ll be there to support your continued progression in the sport because the learning never ends with paragliding. Whatever your goals may be as a pilot, we’ll help you get there. 

Throughout the year we run clinics and guided tours to keep the adventure going. Alumni wishing to join the fun are always given first priority when signing up. 

Paragliding Students

Schedule Lessons

Our training season runs from April 1st- October 15th. Lessons take place at our training hill in North Boulder every morning, Monday – Sunday. 


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