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Soaring high, circling up above, the Red-Tailed Hawk is a source of inspiration that has fueled our collective infatuation with flight for millenia. Our pursuit of their perfection has brought us to this incredible moment where we can finally join them in the sky. The goal now, is to make the experience of soaring with the birds accessible to everyone. 

Red -Tailed Hawk.


Misha Banks is the lead instructor for Red Tail Paragliding. He’s a USHPA-certified Advanced Paragliding Instructor and a native of Boulder. 

He’s had the privilege of learning from and working alongside some of the best instructors in the country as a former lead instructor for Eagle Paragliding in Santa Barbara, one of the highest-regarded paragliding schools in the country. 

He boasts an impressive safety record with over 2,500 student flights instructed. He’s coached over 200 students through their first flight and prides himself on ensuring safe flights and soft landings for his students every time they launch off the hill.

Paragliding Instructor in Colorado

Teaching Philosophy

Paragliding is a gift that keeps on giving. From your very first training hill flight, to your first mountain flight, all the way to your first soaring flight, your excitement and sense of liveliness will only grow. The experiences that this sport and the community surrounding it will reward you with, throughout your life as a paraglider pilot, are unique. You’ve struck gold, the key is to make it last. 

Sustainability is the mantra of our approach to instruction. The goal is to help our students become confident and competent pilots that can go on to enjoy a lifetime of safe flight. Part of becoming a successful pilot is developing both the physical skills and the mental capacity for effective decision making and situational awareness. With this in mind, we structure our lessons to confront both the physical and mental challenges that await any new pilot. Sound judgement, decisiveness and self-awareness are the traits we value most and try to instill in every one of our students.

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Lessons take place at our training hill in North Boulder every morning, Monday – Sunday.




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