Annual Inspection


Be confident in the condition of your paraglider and boost its sale value with a professional inspection. This inspection takes into account every aspect of the wing and ensures its continued performance into the future. 

Services Included

Annual Inspection with Laser Trimming


The lines on every paraglider shrink and stretch over time. Make sure your paraglider maintains its symmetry front to back and side to side for optimal performance. With millimeter precision laser measuring your paraglider will be returned to its specified trim.

Services Included

Reserve Repack


An annual reserve repack is the best way to ensure that your reserve will deploy without delay should you ever need it. All reserves are inspected for damage, then hung up for 24 hrs to release their fabric memory. Whether you’ve got a round, square or rogallo we’ve got you covered. Price varies depending on type of reserve.

Line Repairs


Any frayed or broken lines can be replaced with a newly sewn line. Using a laser measuring device, new lines can be manufactured with millimeter precision. 

For paragliders with 100+ hours of air time it is important that broken lines are replaced by newly sewn lines that fit into the glider’s current trim (paraglider lines shrink/stretch over time). It is recommended that any paraglider with 100+ hours use the laser trimming service (2 new lines included) to ensure the line repair fits in with the current state of the glider. 

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Our training season runs from April 1st- October 15th. Lessons take place at our training hill in North Boulder every morning, Monday – Sunday. 


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