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Tapalpa, Mexico

Take refuge from the harsh winter weather and enjoy some of the best flying of your life. Perfect weather, phenomenal soaring, great food and friendly people. Tapalpa is a world renowned flying site that few people get the opportunity to visit. It avoids the dreaded swarms of pilots found in Valle de Bravo, leaving us with the sky all to ourselves. Newly certified P2 pilots all the way up to experienced cross country pilots are enchanted by this magical place. Regardless of your experience level, you will come away from this trip with new personal bests in the air. Not to mention slightly more humble on the ground as you encounter Mexican hospitality in its purest form. 


Tapalpa offers 3,000 feet of vertical from launch to landing, making even a smooth morning sledder a 10-15 minute joy ride. Of course, the soaring is what we’re looking for. Daily conditions are consistently soarable and by midday you’re likely to find yourself way above launch. It’s a great opportunity for newer pilots to hone-in their thermaling skills and maybe even try their first cross country flight. For more experienced pilots, Tapalpa offers XC routes in every direction with tons of landing options along the way. 

Within 1 – 1.5 hrs of Tapalpa there are two more classic sites, Colima and San Marcos. Both of these sites offer day trip potential depending on the conditions. 


We’re proud to offer lodging that meets the standards that we’re accustomed to back home. The hotel we’ve stayed in for years is every bit what you hope for when you think “Mexican vacation”. The facilities are all modern, wifi is complementary, and the rooms offer everything you need after a long day of flying. How about the food? Forget flying, the food alone will make the trip worthwhile. The hotel’s restaurant offers a menu you could explore all week. Besides the restaurant, there are incredible food options all over town, including the best tacos in Mexico!


All you need to do is sign up, book your flight, and we’ll handle the rest. Your fee covers all transportation, accomodation and flight retrievals. The trip runs Saturday to Saturday with six full days of flying. From the airport in Guadalajara we travel together by private van to our accomodation nearby the flying site. Everyday we try to maximize our time in the air by starting early and going until the day turns off. The evenings offer a bit of R&R and a chance to explore the surrounding area. We’ll have you back at the airport the following Sunday, wondering where the week went. 



$1700 (Private Room)

$1550 (Shared Double)

*10% Discount for Returning Pilots


Week 1: February 1-8, 2020

Week 2: February 8-15, 2020

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Lessons take place at our training hill in North Boulder every morning, Monday – Sunday.



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