Niviuk Konvers 2


The new Niviuk Konvers 2 harness has a built-in airbag and a container under the seat that allows easy and quick access to the parachute. A reversible harness for all occasions. The Konvers 2 becomes a spacious backpack equipped with everything necessary to meet your needs during every adventure.  Ergonomic versatile design is what its about, comfortable and easy to carry. The Konvers 2 is not only an excellent partner in the air; it will also accompany you during all your travels on the ground.

The Konvers 2 offers unlimited possibilities for your adventures. This new reversible harness from Niviuk allows you to transport your equipment in a spacious rucksack and to fly in the most comfortable and safe way. Discover a new way to experience your cross-country adventures.


Harness features:

• Speed-bar is integrated as standard to maximize performance and control during all your flights.

• Simple and sturdy buckle system based on a square buckle design that provides complete safety and ease of use with only two locking points.

• Better load distribution thanks to oriented, reinforced transversal seams to avoid hard lumps, folds or excessive tension in the material.

• Full-protection system with integrated AirBag at the lower back and sides, which always maintains its shape thanks to its Nitinol skeleton.

• Integrated parachute compartment to aid safety.

• AirMesh fabric in the area of the back for better breathability of the materials and a double layer of foam on the seat for greater comfort.

• Compatible with IKS3000, the lightweight connection for Niviuk harnesses and risers. (Optional)

• Compatible with 30/40 mm automatic maillons and carabiners.

Rucksack features:

Compact and spacious design

• Exterior compartments:

o Outer compartment with adjustable bungee cord
o Mesh side compartments
o Zip pocket
o Integrated waist strap
o Support for walking poles, ice axes and/or skis

• Internal compartments:
o Zip pocket
o Mesh pocket

• Materials and straps:
o Lumbar support strap.
o Breathable fabric on the back and shoulder area and waist strap made from and AirMesh foam.
o Waterproof fabric.
o Side compression straps.
o Reinforced base.

• Adjustments and buckles:
o Height-adjustable front fastening straps.
o Height-adjustable shoulder straps.
o Tilt-adjustment straps.
o Internal attachment clip.
o Carrying handle.

• DrinkTube Ready:
o Easy installation of any hydration bag system.

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