Niviuk Peak 6



More performance with an amazingly pleasant and efficient turning. The Peak 6’s maximum speed has been improved while staying easy to control.

Our R+D Team has designed a new profile and refined a totally new internal load distribution to improve the surface and the in-flight gliding experience. All this, without losing the great comfort offered by this two-liner wing, as well as its safety, stability and accessibility.

Experience your XC or competition flights like never before.


Exceed your limits whilst always enjoying your flights. Fly long distances whilst experiencing maximum comfort and quality of flight.

Bring out your best. The Peak 6 is a two-liner designed to offer high performance, to satisfy the most experienced pilots and get great results in competitions.

Accessible and fun flying
Based on the previous model, the Peak 6 offers surprising ease of handling in a wing of its classification. The incidence of the B risers has been optimized, making control inputs more precise and responsive, which improves glide, increases efficiency and comfort in flight.

Confidence at any speed
This is a very safe wing, given its classification. The high stability of the Peak 6 ensures safety and allows the experienced pilot to concentrate on the flight and to use the full speed range.

Top performance
Better performance and efficiency. The profile uses the movements of the air as a source of energy, attacks and scales the different air masses and takes advantage of inertia to improve glide and increase performance. Go faster – the Peak 6 reaches higher top speeds.

Efficiency and control
Improved efficiency when entering thermals and the wing climbs extremely well. Absolute pitch and roll stability (including at top speed). During glides you can perceive the movements of the air more easily and the glider’s feedback permits any lift to be used more efficiently.

The perfect finish
The design, the application of Niviuk technologies and the quality of the assembly during manufacture make the wing much cleaner, without creases or vibrations and with perfect tensioning of the materials. As a result, the Peak 6 has a taut surface with drag reduced to a minimum.

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