Woody Valley Passenger


The Woody Valley Passenger – the uncomplicated harness for the passenger.

Size: One-size with generously adjustable shoulder belts


Features include:

  • Airbag back protection
  • Rear pocket for glider sack and side pockets made of elastic webbing accessible by the tandem pilot in flight
    points for attaching instruments for the tandem pilot
  • Adjustable depth to facilitate the passenger attaining a seated position after take-off, or a standing position before landing
  • Plastic protection on the lower surface for fast cleaning and an always new and well-groomed impression

Certification: DHV with GET-UP system


SizeUnisize (generously adjustable)
Weight*3,20 kg
CertificationLTF with GET-UP system
Principal materialsCordura® 300, Nylon 210, Camp-Para karabiners, Finsterwalder buckles
Distance between karabiner and seat46 cm
Seat plate sizeWidth 36 cm; depth 37 cm

*total weight including karabiners.

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