Woody Valley Wani 3


  • Exceptional comfort 
    Thanks to the rigid seat board and to the padded back that spread the pilot’s weight evenly.
  • Very easy handling in flight
    The Wanì 3 is stable and precise. It’s ideal for both beginners and more expert pilots thanks to its smooth handling. Weighing only 4,1 Kg, the Wanì 3 is great for Hike & Fly too.
  • Safety without compromise
    Thanks to its strategic internal spring, the Wanì 3 airbag is always inflated and therefore ready to protect you from impacts.



We took a winner harness and improved it in every detail still keeping it absolutely fun to fly:

  • New design
  • Sturdier materials
  • Two-step speed bar included
  • Rigid polypropylene seat
  • Two new colour combinations
  • Self-inflating airbag protection
  • Enhanced rescue parachute handle
  • Redesigned rucksack
  • Optional Lightshield back protection

The reversibility system consists in a separate rucksack placed in the harness back pocket.

  • New rucksack shape and capacity
  • Removable rucksack hip belt
  • Its breathable padding on the back and on the shoulder straps increases the comfort
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Adjustable to meet your needs
  • Camelbak pocket
  • Strategic pockets for your accessories
  • Hiking pole pocket
  • Convenient volume reduction straps
  • External helmet storage

Additional information

Weight9 lbs


CertificationEN – LTF
Type of protectionAirbag
Type of closing strap systemT-lock
Number of certificationPH 299.2020
Speed bar90 g
Weight*3,8 Kg4,1 Kg4,3 Kg4,4 Kg
Removable rucksack hip belt weight116 gr127 gr141 gr141 gr
Distance between karabiner and seat43 cm45 cm47 cm48,5 cm
Distance between karabiners37,5-48 cm37,5-48cm37,5-51,5 cm37,5-51,5 cm
Seat board rear measurement33,5 cm35 cm37 cm38 cm
Seat board front measurement30,5 cm32 cm34 cm34,5 cm
Seat board depth measurement34,7 cm36,5 cm38,5 cm39,5 cm
Parachute compartment5,5 liters5,5 liters5,5 liters5,5 liters

*Total weight including reserve parachute handles and karabiners


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