Kortel Karver II


The Karver II takes up the concept of a shoulderless harness inaugurated with the Karver. This concept has proven its potential in terms of comfort, safety and flying pleasure.
It has evolved towards less weight, more comfort and simplicity, but it also becomes modular, like the Kruyer II with which it shares the fixing system.



Nested buckles
For more safety, connections via nested buckles. A simple and efficient system, un-affected by external elements (frost, dust, etc).

Modular Harness
Ultra simple mounting system to add extras such the reversible airbag, or the tandem module.

Easy to adjust
Easy to adjust: Adjust the dorsal support and the leg spacing and “voila!”.

Self-locking carabiners
Automatic links delivered as standard



The Karver II with the dedicated tandem module becomes the perfect tandem pilot harness: light, comfortable, practical. Its shoulderless design allows for ease of movement on the ground that no other harness can match.

The shoulderless design also helps relieve the pilot’s back if the passenger raises his legs and lands on his back, transferring the load on the pilot’s hips rather than his shoulders.

Reversible Airbag
The Sak II is a reversible and removable airbag designed for the Kruyer I I and for the Karver II . The Kruyer II/Karver II-SaK set allows total flexibility. If in addition you add a ventral reserve, all types of flights become possible. It is fixed in 2 minutes by six points on these harnesses: two legs under the thighs, one in the lower back and two at the level of the back and one at the top of the back. The addition of the SaK II improves the comfort and precision of the harnesses. The side triangle adds adjustable lumbar support and more direct action on the wing when piloting in the harness.
Front Rescue Kontainer
The Kontainer V4 allows you to install a reserve parachute in the ventral position on any type of harness.
2 step speed-bar

Standard 2-step speed-bar, with a first flexible bar and a second rigid bar.

Ultra-simple connection thanks to its Ø3mm cords equipped with split hooks. The adjustment is done thanks to an exclusive Kortel Design plate, allowing an easy and precise adjustment.

Compatible with any harness

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Weight2 lbs

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