Niviuk Hawk



An accessible pod harness. The ideal pod harness for those pilots who want to start venturing into the world of cross-country. A stable, comfortable and light harness especially designed for everyday long flights.


Progression & Cross-Country
The ideal harness for those pilots who want to start venturing into the world of cross-country. Stable, comfortable and light, designed especially for everyday long flights.

Your first pod harness
The Hawk is part of the new generation of Niviuk harnesses. Its design makes it the ideal model to make the transition from an open to a pod harness, but without a rear fairing. Pilots who want their first pod harness with unprecedented safety can stop looking now: the Hawk is the best choice.

The Hawk comes in four sizes: S, M, L or XL.

The pod can be easily replaced. It is made of semi-light Lycra for added strength. Adjustments are simple (and lightweight), using a series of adjustable knots and a magnetic closer to minimize any air intake. All of this ensures a great fit and a simple closure system.

Equipped to the highest level
The Hawk is fitted with a large ergonomic and integrated cockpit with a magnet system so it can be opened easily, even in flight. Also a powerpack pocket, suitable for cables of different electronic devices and with a 4 L ballast storage pocket (in size M).

Protection system
The combination of different materials, such as a low-density open cell foam combined with an ultra-low density closed cell foam, makes for a very safe 15 cm lightweight protection that guarantees an impact absorption up to 34 G.

A safe and simple closure system
It includes a T-lock system with only two AustriAlpin Cobra quick releases. This system was designed to provide the utmost safety. Due to its great flexibility and versatility, the harness will envelop the pilot for the perfect fit. It is easy to use and extremely safe.

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Weight8.8 lbs
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