Phi Tenor


Expanding Horizons

The TENOR is a Mid B wing which sets new standards in dynamic performance, passive safety and aerodynamic construction.
The additional mini ribs in the leading edge double the cell number in the critical area of the aerofoil. Together with the optimised double zigzag 3D shaping the surface finish reaches a new level of perfection.
Although the TENOR is a very robust wing (Dominico 30D/20D cloth and internal stitching of trailing edge mini ribs), the innovative internal construction reduces the weight effectively.
This wing is very stable at speed and has plenty of safety when it’s getting rough: the TENOR is built to expand your horizons.


Designer’s Note

The TENOR is based on the SYMPHONIA, combining a very safe concept with some additional features to improve performance and speed. The additional ribs in the leading edge are the step forward in form stability. The new airfoil is offering a good climbing performance, even the wing being smaller. The reduced size and higher wing loading is moving the polar towards speed performance. So the TENOR is designed to reach the horizon.

Hannes Papesh


sizeXS 17S 19M 21L 23XL 25
number of cells50 / 10050 / 10050 / 10050 / 10050 / 100
projected spanm8.08.418.819.219.61
projected area17.4519.2521.1523.0925.12
projected aspect ratio3.673.673.673.673.67
flat spanm10.2910.8111.3311.8412.35
flat area20.622.7424.9827.2729.67
flat aspect ratio5.
line lengthm6.136.446.757.067.36
total line lengthm226.6238249.5260.7271.9
maximum chordm2.492.622.742.872.99
minimum chordm0.590.620.650.680.71
recommend weight rangekg50-7565-8575-9590-110105-130
certification (EN/LTF)BBBBB
material top-, buttomsail, insideDominico 30D, 20D, 30D
riser lengthmm500500540540540

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