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Discover a land of warm people, incredible cuisine and humble surroundings. Morocco is well known for its unmatched hospitality and friendly population. The astounding coastal and mountain paragliding sites are just the bonus. 

As the paragliding season in many places in the Northern Hemisphere winds down in the fall, the best flying weather is still yet to come on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and in the Atlas Mountains that span the country from north to south. There are numerous coastal soaring sites that span the west coast of the country, all within easy reach from our base in Mirleft, Morocco. We’ll dedicate a few days to discover the world class thermalling site in the Atlas Mountains called Aguergour at the end of the tour as weather allows. 

Enjoy a simple routine of wake, eat, fly and explore, everyday. 


Along the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, we’ll have the opportunity to explore numerous coastal soaring sites all with their own character. Each site will challenge pilots in a different way and allow for a unique adventure each time. Pilots will be able to view the unique Moroccan landscape through many different lenses and develop a wide variety of different piloting skills in the process. 

In the Atlas mountains, we will visit a breathtaking site called Aguergour. This site is well-known for its long morning sledders, strong midday thermals and stunning evening glass-offs. Pilots will be able to enjoy the flying conditions that suit their skill level most appropriately. We’ll save the last three flying days of the tour for a visit to Aguergour if the weather allows.  

The opportunity for gaining airtime is truly unique in Morocco. Pilots of all levels will have access to multiple hours of airtime everyday. Consider it an all you can eat buffet. There is no better environment out there than this for a pilot to sharpen their kiting and piloting skills to a jedi level. 


All you have to do is book your flights and we’ll take care of the rest. Please book your flights into Marrakesh Menara International Airport in Marrakesh, Morocco arriving on the 16th of November. From there we will transport you to our accommodation in the town of Mirleft. It’s a bit of travel upfront, but the next many days will be easy-going, full of good food and good flying. This trip includes nine flying days and two travel days.



$2250 (Private Room)

$2000 (Shared Double)

10% off for returning pilots


November 16th-26th, 2022



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