Niviuk Hook 6P



Outstanding thermal performance, intuitive handling and maximum safety. The Hook 6 P, with its remarkable featherlight (Plume) features, offers you extra versatility without having to forgo all the performance of our ultimate progression glider. Discover new routes without having to focus on the flying.

From 3,15 kg.



A very intuitive, stable and safe wing, it has greater features and performance than the previous model. Ideal for progressing, as well as taking the leap to new and different modes of flying. With optimized handling to enhance the pilot´s flying experience.
Hike & fly 
Take off anywhere without issues. Ascend to the top in comfort, with a glider that is compact, easy to carry and pack. Enjoy different adventures combining mountaineering and flying.
Optimal maneuverability
A wing to progress with – easy to fly and with simple and intuitive handling. Maintaining the excellent characteristics of the Hook 5 P, this sixth generation offers great handling due to an outstanding maneuverability.
Light and durable

The Hook 6 P features reinforced Kevlar risers which weigh less and are much stronger. The webbing has been reduced from 21 mm to 12 mm. Therefore, drag has been subtly reduced.

The canopy is made of light and durable materials reducing the weight of the glider without compromising its durability.

The upper surface is made of Dokdo 32 gr/m2 and the lower surface is made of Skytex 27 gr/m2 (the wing weighs only 3.4 kg in size 22).

Smooth and progressive
Completely solid throughout the speed range to give the pilot confidence. Ability to take off from any terrain, with easy and progressive inflation. The long brake travel offers full control, allowing for a smooth and much safer landing.
Maximum stability in flight
The roll movement has been optimized for stability and comfort in flight. Excellent thermal performance, the wing has a perfect turbulence absorption capacity.

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Weight8.7 lbs
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